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My Boyfriend

A Scray Visual Novel Game

Publisher: NUU-Pro License: Free

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My Boyfriend Game" is a visual novel where you make choices to interact with a virtual boyfriend, leading to different storylines and endings. Imagine it like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but with a digital boyfriend to romance!

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Our Review About My Boyfriend

MD Shahariar Jaman Siam MD Shahariar Jaman Siam 19, Jun 2024

Dive into "My Boyfriend," a free visual novel by NUU-pro, and experience a whirlwind romance with a mysterious yet captivating stranger. This game, inspired by the popular "Your Boyfriend" series, offers a unique blend of tender moments and dark undercurrents, keeping you hooked until the very end.

First Impressions

  • Art Style: The game boasts a charming pixel art style with vibrant colors and expressive characters. While not groundbreaking, it's aesthetically pleasing and effectively conveys emotions.
  • Story: The premise is intriguing – you meet a seemingly downtrodden man in the park and find yourself drawn to him. What unfolds is a passionate love story, but one shrouded in the man's enigmatic past.
  • Gameplay: Similar to other visual novels, "My Boyfriend" revolves around making choices that affect the narrative and your relationship with the protagonist. The branching paths and diverse endings add replayability and keep you invested.

What Makes it Unique

  • Mature Themes: While not explicitly sexual, the game tackles mature themes like depression, trauma, and self-harm. This adds depth and complexity to the story, but may not be suitable for all audiences.
  • Character Development: Both you and the protagonist undergo significant growth throughout the game. You witness his struggles and learn about his past, while facing your own inner challenges.
  • Choices with Consequence: Your decisions have a real impact on the story and the characters' lives. This creates a sense of agency and responsibility, making the experience more engaging.

Things to Consider

  • Development Stage: "My Boyfriend" is still in development, and some aspects feel unfinished. Occasional typos and inconsistencies may be encountered.
  • Content Warnings: As mentioned, the game deals with mature themes. Be aware of potential triggers before playing.
  • Limited Scope: The story focuses primarily on the romantic relationship, leaving other aspects of the protagonist's life unexplored.


"My Boyfriend" is a compelling visual novel with a captivating story and well-developed characters. It offers a unique blend of romance, mystery, and personal growth, making it a worthwhile experience for fans of the genre. While the development stage and mature themes might deter some, the game's emotional depth and impactful choices make it a standout title.


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