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My Boyfriend Game" is a visual novel where you make choices to interact with a virtual boyfriend, leading to different storylines and endings. Imagine it like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but with a digital boyfriend to romance!


Frequently Asked Questions on My Boyfriend Game

What is My Boyfriend about?

You play as a young woman, newly moved to a bustling city, starting over in a cramped apartment with a roommate. Seeking solace, you frequent a local park, where you meet a captivating yet reserved man named Peter. Sparks fly, and soon, you find yourself falling head over heels. But as your relationship deepens, you uncover troubling secrets that blur the lines between love and obsession.

Is My Boyfriend a dating sim?

While My Boyfriend features romantic elements, it's far from a traditional dating sim. Prepare for a gripping narrative packed with twists and turns, where your choices directly influence the story's trajectory and Peter's fate. Be prepared for the unexpected, as roses quickly morph into thorns.

What are the game's themes?

My Boyfriend delves into complex themes like toxic relationships, codependency, and the dark side of desire. Be prepared to explore the depths of human emotions, facing unsettling truths and confronting uncomfortable situations. This game is not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking a story that pushes boundaries and lingers long after the credits roll.

What content warnings should I be aware of?

My Boyfriend tackles mature themes and features disturbing content, including stalking, self-harm, and suicide. Please tread cautiously if you are sensitive to these topics. Consider your own emotional well-being before embarking on this immersive journey.

What platforms is My Boyfriend available on?

Currently, My Boyfriend is available for download on both macOS and Windows PC.

Will My Boyfriend be ported to other platforms?

The developer hasn't officially announced plans for porting to other platforms like mobile devices. However, stay tuned for updates on the NUU-pro website or social media channels.

I'm stuck! What should I do?

No worries, detective! The My Boyfriend community is thriving online. Utilize online forums, walkthroughs, and discussion boards to seek help and share your interpretations of the story. Remember, collaboration is key to unraveling the mysteries of Peter's heart.

Where can I learn more about My Boyfriend and NUU-pro?

Explore the official NUU-pro website and itch.io page for news, updates, and additional information about My Boyfriend and other captivating projects from the developer. You can also connect with the creator and fellow players on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.


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